Frequently Asked Questions

  • Allergies, Sensitive Skin and Safety

    I have a nut allergy, can I use Pharmaoil?


    If you have an anaphylactic reaction to nuts it is safest to not use any Pharmaoil products as we cannot guarantee that traces of nut oil will not be found in our nut-free products.


    For others who are concerned, we recommend that you test a small amount of product on a patch of skin before using for the first time.


    If you are at all concerned we ask that you consult a doctor. 


    I have a rash. Will Pharmaoil cure it?


    Pharmaoil is a powerful, natural emollient proven to help relieve dry and irritated skin. However, rashes can be caused by a number of different things and if you are concerned at all by any rash, you should consult a doctor.


    Some common skin conditions such as dermatitis, simple skin irritation, eczema and some psoriasis benefit greatly from emollients such as Pharmaoil. However, Pharmaoil is often best used in conjunction with other appropriate medical treatments when required such as corticosteroids and anti-fungals as prescribed by a doctor.


    I have very sensitive skin. Can I use Pharmaoil?


    Our Pharmaoil products have been developed for sensitive skin and should be safe for use on even the most sensitive of skins. However, we recommend that you test the product on your first use on a small part of your skin, especially if you have had any allergic reactions to skin products in the past.


    Are Pharmaoil products safe to use during pregnancy?


    All our products have been formulated to be safe for use during pregnancy. However if you are concerned, we ask that you consult a doctor.


    Are Pharmaoil products safe to use on children and infants?


    The products that we have nominated on this website for use by children and infants have been designed to be safe for use by this age group. These should be the only Pharmaoil products used on children.


    If you are concerned, we ask that you consult a doctor. We also advise that children should be supervised by an adult if applying it by themselves.


    How soon can I put Pharmaoil skin therapy/zinc therapy on my scar?


    We recommend that you allow the wound to heal before you begin to apply Pharmaoil to help with scarring. 


    About Our Products

    Are any Pharmaoil products tested on animals?

    No, Pharmaoil is against animal testing

    Do Pharmaoil products use palm oil?

    Pharmaoil is proudly palm oil free. We do not use palm oil in any of our products.

    I’m used to cleansing, toning and moisturising twice daily. What does Pharmaoil suggest I use as a regular skin care regime?


    Our products are a little different to most skin care products. We do not use lotions because we do not want to use preservatives. We have instead taken the active agents of a lotion – oils – and offer them in their concentrated form.


    Pharmaoil’s natural scrub has been formulated to offer a deep cleansing of pores and we suggest that you use it twice a week in place of a cleanser. Only using it twice a week will mean that you will not be constantly stripping away your skin’s natural oils or drying your skin, which is what can often happen when cleansers are used too frequently. Also use Pharmaoil soap for your skin type on a daily basis to ensure your skin gets all the cleansing that it needs.


    Pharmaoil’s Daily Mist is a natural, alcohol-free toner and can be used at least twice daily. It cleans your skin of all dirt and make-up without drying it. It should be followed by Pharmaoil skin therapy, which will not only moisturise your skin, it will also nourish it. It can therefore take the place of your daily moisturiser. If applying make-up straight after in the morning, you will also notice that Pharmaoil skin therapy will help blend your make-up.


    Pharmaoil intensive skin drops are an important addition to your skin care regime. Just add a few drops to your skin before going to bed and you will wake up the next day with even more supple and smooth skin. A few drops can also be added to your Pharmaoil skin therapy to tailor it to your skin type.


    These products feel a bit different to what I’m used to, what do you suggest?


    Pretty much from the day we are born, synthetic skin care products begin to be used on our skin. It’s therefore no wonder that some of our products may feel a little different, even strange, to what you’re used to. We suggest that you don’t give up straight away. Soon enough you will start to see and feel the nourishing effects of Pharmaoil products and you probably won’t want to go back. 


    My zinc therapy/deodorant has separated in the bottle. Is there something wrong with it?


    Not at all. Because our products are 100% natural, they may separate if left standing for a long time. The only way that we would be able to prevent this from happening is if we added artificial preservatives, which is not what we’re about. If your product separates, all you have to do is shake it well to combine the ingredients once more.


    The product that I’ve ordered is slightly different (eg, in shape/colour) to what I have used previously. Is there something wrong with it?


    Not at all. Because our products are 100% natural, sometimes individual batches will differ slightly. The only way for us to avoid this would be to add artificial ingredients, which is not what we are about.


    Think of it in the same way as buying fruit and vegetables where there is no way that you will ever buy the exact same looking tomato, apple, etc.  But what you do know is that it will contain the same types of vitamins and minerals essential to your diet. That’s the beauty of nature and this is why we buy them.


    Similarly, your Pharmaoil product may look or feel a little different but we can guarantee that it still contains the essentials for optimal skin health. 


    I’ve heard that natural oils go rancid quickly. Will Pharmaoil products go off, particularly given they are preservative free?


    Some Pharmaoil products have a best before date. This is because some of the oils we use will eventually go rancid. But this will not happen quickly. In fact the beauty about our oils is that because the combination is jam packed with antioxidants, it slows down the oxidation process significantly, which in turn increases our product’s shelf life.


    Preservatives are used in personal care products to prevent bacterial and fungal growth when they contain water. But because Pharmaoil products do not use water they will not grow any bacteria and fungus so they do not need any preservatives.


    I have oily skin, why would I put more oil on it?


    Oily skin is usually caused by an over production of oil by your sebum glands. This can happen when you use products that work to dry your skin, stripping your skin of its natural oils so your sebum glands feel they need to compensate.


    The first few times that you apply Pharmaoil to oily skin, you may feel that your skin is greasy. But soon enough Pharmaoil will help regulate your oil production and you should notice an improvement to your oil levels. Also, our oily skin intensive skin drops and soap combine some of the finest quality oils known to help regulate skin’s oil production.


    The oils used in Pharmaoil products also closely mimic your skin’s own natural properties. They help maintain your skin’s own natural flora to keep pores healthy and clean.


    If you are concerned, we recommend that you first try Pharmaoil products on a small patch of skin to test it.


    Doesn’t oil cause acne?


    The oils contained in Pharmaoil are non-comedogenic, meaning they do not cause acne. They also have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties so Pharmaoil will help keep pores healthy and clean, which may help improve your acne.


    Buying Our Products

    Is there anyway that I can try Pharmaoil products before buying?


    Please contact Pharmaoil via our online form or email us at to discuss trial options.

    I would like to make an order for someone else so would like delivery to be somewhere else besides my home address. How do I do this?


    Easy - all you have to do is make sure you change the delivery address to the address that you would like it to be delivered to. We ask you always check the delivery address before payment to make sure that your order makes it to the right address.