Did you know that Australians on average consume 6 kilograms of palm oil each year? Why? Because palm oil is everywhere on our grocery shelves from bread, soaps, shampoos and cosmetics. According to a recent report by the World Wildlife Fund and the Grocery Council of Australia, 30 per cent of all forest loss in Malaysia and Indonesia between 2005-2010 can be attributed to the palm oil industry. It's used in so many things because it is cheap and it grows fast.

What is worrying is that according to Choice magazine  it is very difficult for Australians to avoid consuming palm oil because it can be labelled as vegetable oil under Australian food labelling standards. It can also be very difficult to avoid using cosmetics and personal care products with palm oil because they are also often labelled under another name. Some chemicals that can be derived from palm oil include sodium palm kernelte, steareth-2 and stearic acid. Check out South Australia zoo's full list of ingredients that can be derived from palm oil.

We here at Pharmaoil do not use palm oil in any of our products. In fact, the majority of our oils are produced in Australia and are much superior oils for your skin, for overseas forests and for the orang utans.

Yours in skin heath,