Rice Bran Oil


Rice bran oil is extracted from the outer layer of the rice kernel and has been used for centuries in Japan as a beautifying skin moisturiser. In fact, one of the highest compliments you can give a woman in Japan is calling her a “Nuka Bijin”, which literally translates to “rice bran beauty”.


Rice bran oil is rich in powerful antioxidants, including complex B and E vitamins, that stimulate cell regrowth, promote healing and prevent premature ageing.


Palmitic, oleic and linoleic acids account for more than 90% of the fatty acids contained in rice bran oil, which are all found in our own skin and work to moisturise and protect. Rice bran oil also contains squalene, which also occurs in our skin’s sebum.


This combination makes rice bran oil a powerful moisturiser in Pharmaoil for all skin types, especially because of its anti-ageing and healing properties.