Jojoba Oil


Jojoba oil is uniquely different to the other oils used by Pharmaoil in that it is not technically an oil but a liquid wax. Native to the desert areas of Arizona, California and Mexico, native Americans used jojoba on acne, psoriasis and to help heal wounds.


Jojoba oil is considered the oil that is most similar to our own natural oil, human sebum. This is why, when applied to the skin, it helps regulate our own natural sebum production, making it particularly good for oily skin types. Jojoba oil also has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties because, by reducing sebum production, it inhibits bacteria growth, which means it is also good for acne.


As a wax instead of an oil, jojoba has a vastly different chemical make-up to the other oils in Pharmaoil, containing chiefly liquid wax esters, including gadolenic acid, with corresponding alcohols, mainly eicosanol and docosenol. Jojoba oil is also rich in Vitamin A and E, which make it good for ageing and damaged skin


Given its extreme likeness to the skin’s own natural properities, jojoba oil is a common ingredient in Pharmaoil products.