Evening Primrose Oil


Native Americans used evening primrose oil to help heal bruises and skin conditions. While evening primrose oil is commonly taken orally to improve skin, there is growing evidence to show that applying the oil topically also holds many benefits.  In particular, it's been shown to improve the skin’s outer-most layer when applied directly to the skin.


What makes evening primrose oil special is its high concentration of the omega 6 fatty acid, gamma-linolenic acid (9%). In fact, evening primrose oil contains the highest level of gamma-linolenic acid than any other plant oil. Gamma-linoleic acid has anti-inflammatory properties, while also promoting cell membrane stabilizer activity in the body. This makes evening primrose oil particularly good for ageing, irritated, and damaged skin, as well as calming acne flair ups.


Evening primrose oil also contains linoleic acid (65%-80%), oleic acid (6-11%) and palmitic acid (7-10%), which are all vital to skin health.


We here at Pharmaoil believe strongly in Evening Primrose oil’s ability to optomise skin health, which is why it is a common ingredient in Pharmaoil products.