The Power of Natural Oils



Pharmaoil harnesses the power of natural oils

All Pharmaoil products harness the power of a range of natural, plant-derived oils, which share the same composition as our skin. They are full of vitamins and antioxidants that protect against free-radical damage, which ages our skin. Many also contain anti-bacterial properties.


This means that Pharmaoil products not only clean, moisturise and protect your skin, they will also work to nourish it.



Pharmaoil: 21st century skincare

If the first decade of this century is anything to go by, we here at Pharmaoil are tipping that the 21st century will involve a radical rethink of our approach to skin health. Scientific research has begun delving more deeply into the effects that modern, frequently-used chemicals are having on our skin - and even at these early stages the results are compelling.


Common ingredients found in personal care products are being investigated in the scientific world for their potential links to an array of serious conditions, from skin irritancy to cancer.


From the outset, we here at Pharmaoil recognise that much more research needs to be done for us to fully understand what these chemicals are doing to our skin. In particular, we need to better understand the effects of constant and accumulated exposure to these chemicals that are toxic at high levels given their common usage in everyday life. But given the jury's still out, we'd like to offer nature's own superior alternatives in formulations that have been clinically developed by a skin doctor. We’d also like to use this website to keep you updated on current research into skin health.


What Pharmaoil doesn't use: Click here to view a list of ingredients not used in Pharmaoil products.