Older adults


Most of us see the first signs of ageing in our early to mid 30s. As we age, our skin’s natural properties that help it to hydrate and regenerate deteriorate. Our skin becomes thinner and loses its smoothness. At this age, your skin also begins to display visible signs of free-radical damage, which is one of the biggest contributors to ageing skin.


Some of the most common signs of ageing include:


- Drier skin

- The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

- Uneven complexion and sunspots

- And your skin loses its firmness and youthful glow


The following Pharmaoil products have been formulated to help prevent free-radical damage and to supplement your skin’s own natural properties that may have deteriorated with age. They also work to moisturise. This helps even skin tone, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and help you achieve optimal skin health, which will help you look your best.


Looking your best never felt so good with our soothing skin oils, refreshing salt baths, and invigorating salt scrub - All designed to keep skin soft and supple and protecting from collagen degeneration.


As skin ages, protecting and nourishing your skin will help you age gracefully and radiantly.