Sunburn is your skin’s reaction to sunlight’s ultraviolet radiation (UV). UV radiation is invisible and it does not necessarily need to be bright and sunny for you to get sunburnt. On a typical summer day in Australia, sunburn can occur in just 15 minutes.


Repeated sunburn can cause premature ageing and an increased risk of skin cancer, including melanoma. To prevent sunburn you should always use sun protection when the UV Index is above 3.


If you do get sunburnt, Pharmaoil offers several products to help relieve some symptoms while the body heals. Our Daily Mist and Skin Therapy will boost the moisture content of the skin beneath. While our Zinc Therapy will help keep newly revealed skin clean and should ideally be left on the skin overnight to get its full benefits. For burnt and chapped lips, our lip conditioner will help relieve and nourish them. And for particularly painful sunburn, add our bath salts to a cool bath.


You should always consult a doctor for particularly severe cases of sunburn. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.