Sensitive & Irritated Skin


The term sensitive skin is used loosely in the personal care industry. American dermatologists consider there to be four distinct types of sensitive skin: burning and stinging, contact dermatitis (the sort caused by allergies and irritants) rosacea and acne. All are forms of inflammation. And burning and stinging, as well as contact dermatitis, may be caused by irritation.


Burning and stinging is a very general term and specific causes are largely unknown. Although there are several ingredients, including Vitamin C and Alpha hydroxyl acid that are known to cause stinging.


Rosacea is when the small surface capillaries of skin on the face begin to enlarge, giving a permanently flushed appearance. It can be accompanied by yellow-headed pimples and a sensation of burning and stinging. The exact causes of rosacea are unknown and there is no cure. Although some things are known to trigger rosacea blushing or worsen symptoms, including anxiety, too much sun, overheating, alcohol, hot drinks and spicy foods. Rosacea is also more common in older adults.


See our pages on Dermatitis and Acne for further information on these skin conditions related to sensitive and irritated skin.


We here at Pharmaoil avoid synthetic ingredients that can commonly cause irritation, such as alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate, ammonia, phenol and fragrance. Our products specially formulated for sensitive and irritated skin avoid many natural products that can also irritate, including fennel oil, bergamot and eucalyptus.


If you are prone to sensitive and irritated skin, we recommend that you try a small amount on a patch of your skin before using our products and check the ingredients to ensure you are not allergic to any of them. Please also consult a doctor if you have any concerns.