Dry Skin


Dry skin is very common in any age group and occurs when the skin loses too much water or oil.  Common signs of dry skin include rough, scaly and cracked skin, as well as itchiness


Common causes of dry skin include:

- Age: As we get older, our skin gets drier and thinner. As the American Academy of Dermatology points out, by our 40s we should be using a good quality moisturiser everyday to prevent dry skin.

- Climate: Low humidity in either hot or cold conditions can leave the skin dehydrated. Indoor heating and cooling will also strip your skin of moisture.

- Skin conditions: Those who experience dermatitis or eczema in childhood are likely to have dry skin when they are older. Psoriasis also leads to dry skin.

- Frequent washing: Too much water and the use of detergents will strip your skin of its natural defense properties. Doctors, nurses, hairdressers and those working in professions where they frequently wash their skin are prone to dry skin.


Pharmaoil Skin Therapy is a perfect emollient for dry skin as it contains natural, plant oils that closely mimic your skin’s own natural oils and will help restore moisture to the skin. It also doesn’t contain some common skin care ingredients that can irritate skin and strip it of its natural oils.


Pharmaoil soap and Pharmaoil intensive skin drops specially formulated for dry skin combine essential oils known to help dry skin. While our Daily Mist is alcohol and detergent free, using instead natural floral waters that moisturise your skin, while cleaning it.


Also use Pharmaoil scrub regularly for a deep cleanse that will leave dry skin soft and supple. And when used regularly, our Pharmaoil bath salts will restore electrolytes and help your skin retain moisture.