Dry Lips


The reasons behind dry and chapped lips are as numerous as the amount of people that suffer from the condition. But some of the most common reasons behind this widespread problem are dehydration, sun exposure and irritation from some common ingredients found in skin care and beauty products.


To keep your lips hydrated, doctors recommend you regularly apply a good quality lip balm. However, there is growing evidence to suggest that synthetic ingredients, including Sodium lauryl sulfate and Propylene glycol, found in many skin care and mouth care products, can actually cause chapped lips, skin irritation and even localised dermatitis. When choosing a lip balm you mustn't also forget that you will inevitably be ingesting some of it.


Pharmaoil lip conditioner is 100% natural, combining our Pharmaoil base oil, packed full of antioxidants and vitamins, with natural Shea butter. The result - a powerful moisturiser that is synthetic free, that works with your lips' own natural properties to help heal and nourish them.