Dermatitis & Eczema


The word dermatitis is derived from the Greek words derma (skin) and itis (inflammation). There are many different types of dermatitis, all of which involve inflammation of the skin. Early dermatitis is usually characterised by dry, red and itchy skin. But more serious dermatitis can cause dry, crusty scales or blisters. Some common types of dermatitis include:

Atopic dermatitis or eczema: usually runs in families and causes the skin to itch, swell, scale and occasionally blister. Growing research suggests it may be caused by problems with the skin barrier, making the skin unable to retain moisture or fight germs. It can be triggered by stress and allergies.

Contact dermatitis: is when skin reacts to an irritant or allergen, resulting in a red or pink, itchy rash. Irritant contact dermatitis is when skin is aggravated by constant contact with a harsh substance, such as washing your hands too frequently. Allergic contact dermatitis is when your skin is actually allergic to the substance and only needs brief exposure to react.

Seborrheic dermatitis: is yellowish or reddish scaling on the scalp, face or genitals. Scalp seborrheic dermatitis in adults is known as dandruff. It can be triggered by stress.

Nummular dermatitis: is characterised by distinct coin-shaped red plaques, commonly found on the legs, hands, arms and torso. It can be caused by living in a very dry environment or taking frequent, hot showers. It is more common in older men (55-65) than any other age group.

Statis dermatitis: is triggered by poor circulation in the legs. It's when veins in the lower legs do not return blood properly causing pooling of the blood, swelling and the build-up of fluid.

It's important to understand what is causing your dermatitis, which will usually involve visiting a doctor.

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