About us


The Pharmaoil story

Pharmaoil was born out of one doctor's desire to offer his patients a holistic and natural approach to treating frequent, common skin conditions in conjunction with clinical treatment. From his extensive experience in studying and treating skin, he has found conditions such as dry skin, chronic irritation and acne are often signs of overall poor skin health. And the best way to improve general skin health is to optimise the skin’s own natural processes in regulating and regenerating.


What began as a mission here at Pharmaoil to find the best skin care ingredients to optimise the skin’s own natural processes became a journey of discovery in understanding how modern skin care has evolved to be anything but natural. And we as a society are now only beginning to understand the consequences.



So how did we get here?

As the US Food and Drug Administration points out, there are very few “true” soaps on the market. Rather most body cleansers available today are synthetic detergents. Not even a century ago, soap making –as the basis for all skin care ‑ was a natural process that used oils, often like the ones found in Pharmaoil products.


The rise of synthetics began in the World Wars when there was a shortage of oil supplies as well as a need for long-term preservation and consistency. As in the food industry, synthetic chemicals soon became widely used in personal care products to allow for mass production and to increase shelf life. But unlike the food industry, there hasn’t been the same sort of radical rethink in recent times into what these chemicals in our skin care products are actually doing to our bodies.


We here at Pharmaoil work on the principle that our skin was never designed to handle synthetic chemicals. And we live in an age where we should expect more from our skin care. Gone are the restrictions in supply of natural oils that troubled us in the 20th century. Today, we also have access to the technology and systems to bring you fresher and more natural skin health products. 


Therefore, our Pharmaoil commitment to you is to offer the freshest and most natural, non-toxic skin health products possible that are also affordable. Some of our products, such as our deodorant and zinc therapy, may be different to what you are used to but you can be confident that they are designed with your skin health as our number one priority.